Immensity Without Horizon, The Wellspring of Light

Originally published for a solo exhibition in 2016 at Bridge Productions Gallery, Seattle Washington.


Third track from the EP valere


“Listening is the window that let’s us refine our internal and external surroundings. I am interested in using this window as a meditative experience to approach the void between our physical presence and the ethereal. By re-sculpting previous works into a new 24-minute looped composition, I am hoping to create a bridge between the conscious and unconscious states.” Druss


MUSIC FOR THE CELESTIAL DIN excerpt of the album release of based on the 2013 exhibition The Celestial Din at the Hedreen Gallery, Seattle WA.


WANDERING PROTAGONIST sound design for video short, commissioned by the Seattle clothing retailer Baby & Company.


THE WELTGEIST sound design for short dance piece choreographed by Matt Drews.  Premiered in Seattle WA at the Velocity Dance Center 06.19-06.21 MMXV


WE ARE FUCKED sound design for documentary short, commissioned by filmmaker Andrew Sobey 


PASSAGES TOWARDS NOCTURNAL, FOR ERWIN REDL was commissioned by Seattle Washington's Henry Art Museum as a non traditional audio tour in conjunction with Summer Field Notes exhibition, 2014.  The piece sonically guides the listener from the Henry Art Gallery's front door, across the University of Washington's campus to The Paul G. Allen Center of Computer Science and Engineering.  Once inside the buildings atrium, the sound piece crescendos at the foot of the 85 foot LED light piece by the Austrian born artist Erwin Redl.


EARTH & AIR, THE MUSIC FOR THE 2012 DOWSING was commissioned by Textile artist Anna Telcs for her performance and exhibition at Seattle's Henry Art Museum. This piece was composed and performed in collaboration with the composer D. Salo.


COMPOSITION III, RELINQUISHMENT track 2 of the 2010 release on Chicago's FSS label.